Call of the Forest

Our intention is to provide a platform that facilitates opportunities for individuals to find the freedom they are looking for within themselves.



Hello, we are Jon & Amy

We live and love from our one bedroom flat in London. In 2012 we took the plunge into our own journeys of self-discovery, healing and transformation driven by an aspiration to live sustainably and ethically, to support, love and share. The Call of the Forest is our invitation and a reminder for us to live within the freedom of our hearts and to trust that, without struggle, we can be who we want to be.

Our experience is that in order to be free we must come into communion with our true self including the parts of ourselves that we have repressed or hidden; our ‘dark side’. We must embrace a lifelong voyage of authenticity, honesty and healing to come into our true power and destiny. To do this we commit to a spiritual practice that strengthens, deepens and embraces connection to our true self.

Our discovery, our experiential learning, the essential aspects of ourselves that have led to our transformation is what we have to share as we support you on your journey of self discovery.


Jon offers weekly yoga classes in Angel, London. He is embarking on a 4 year yoga therapy programme under the guidance of Colin Dunsmuir

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Amy offers therapy and healing. Her format allows you the flexibility to make contact whenever and in whatever medium (email, messages, audio or in-person) you like.

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