Jon Reading

Yoga Teacher


I share the timeless teachings of Hatha yoga, sharing the tradition of TKV Desikachar. My focus is on personal inquiry, inviting individuals to tune into their own experience and discover new ways of moving and relating to themselves. I teach 1-2-1 as well as in a group setting.

This is a holistic practice that incorporates:

  • Breath-centred movement
  • Breathing practices
  • Relaxation
  • Meditation

With the aim to:

  • Integrate body, breath and mind
  • Identify and re-pattern dysfunctional movement patterns
  • Improve body awareness and coordination
  • Release unconscious tension
  • Tune into sensations, feelings and emotions
  • Discover freedom and ease within the body
  • Reduce stress and anxiety

Currently I am training under the guidance of Colin Dunsmuir on a 4 yoga year therapy training course.


What I Teach

  • Breath-centred movement
  • Breathing practices
  • Meditation